This entry was originally published on in October 2008. It has been re-edited to fit this format.

Fall Greetings Funky People,

We’re back from our first stateside travel group weekend! And all in one piece, I might add. It was a quick trip but what’s not to enjoy about Las Vegas – the weather is fantastic at this time of the year. Vegas is a massive Western playground where families, couples and singles can all enjoy a long list of venues, hotels, sites and attractions. Among my suggestions to get the best experience in Las Vegas is to bring a set of good walking shoes or sneakers, a camera and some pocket change! This place is massive with plenty of energy and “eye-candy” for all sorts of interests. If you have the time, a must see are the nearby landmarks like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. These sites are so much more impressive in person.

There were any number of hotels we could have chosen to base the FP group, but I’d like to thank the staff and group coordinators at the Treasure Island Hotel for their hospitality and attention during our stay. Treasure Island is one of the better “group friendly” Vegas hotel locations and is located in the heart of the main strip.

What to do? What’s not to do? I was always taken at how each hotel seemed to go out of their way to keep you on/in that property. This ploy seems to make time disappear very quickly, so one must be disciplined in moving about. There’s delicious food at every turn in Las Vegas, from the very simple, cheap and quick to the pretty expensive and exclusive. No taste will go un quenched, and get this – it is actually legal to walk down the street with alcohol or beer. No wonder the party never ends……

I cannot claim one nightlife favorite of the weekend, there were actually a few. But do know the group managed to sleep a few hours each night, albeit difficult. No need to repeat more of what you’ve already heard or know about this exciting US destination. The old saying really does apply….”what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Check out some of the pictures of our travel mates during our weekend travels. Use the photo album link : Las Vegas Weekend Getaway 2008. We can’t wait to see you on the Poconos slopes for our winter getaway in Februrary 2009!!

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